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Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology

A large part of my work as a Research Scientist at the Memphis Zoo is focused Applied Conservation Biology. This encompasses projects that are in situ (reintroductions, field surveys, endangered species assessments), ex situ research (reproductive physiology, assisted reproductive technology, cryopreservation), and a combination of both (ecological fitness of captive-released animals). The following are some examples of current/past projects.

Behavioral Ecology

Behavior Ecology

Much of my work in tropical biology and behavioral ecology is focused on parental investment of treefrogs. This included my dissertation work, which was the first empirical study of parental care in a Southeast Asian amphibian (conducted at the Sakaerat Environmental Research Station, Thailand). Other work includes on-going collaborations with the Kam Lab at Tunghai University (Taiwan). 

Natural History

Natura History

I have always been fascinated by animal behavior. Much of our knowledge of behavior stems from incidental natural observations. The following are some observations of diet, breeding, and predation of vertebrate and invertebrate species that I have published, including a new species discovered during my work. 

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