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Cover, May 2022

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Herpetological Review

Cover, Sept 2019

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Herpetological Review

Cover, Sept 2018

Natural History

Cover, May 2014


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Arifin U, Caviedes Solis IW, Poo S (2022). Women in Herpetology: 50 Stories from Around the World. Global Women in Herpetology, Lulu. Link to book

For more inforamtion on the Global Women in Herpetology Project, see website.

Media Coverage:  Boston University | Purdue University | Swarthmore College | Natural History Museum of Berlin | University of Zurich, Switzerland | Wits University, South Africa | University of Porto, Portugal | HerpBuzz, India

Scientific Publications

Malter TE, Strasbaugh RM, Bogisich A, Terry J, Saffle ET, Devan-Song A, Neuman-Lee LA, Poo S. Cross-generational effects of captive stress on adults and their released offspring in an amphibian. In Review.

Kam Y-C, Lin Y-W, Chuang M-F, Poo S. Maternal care of oophagous tadpoles indicate basil form of communal breeding in a phytotelm-breeding amphibian, Kurixalus eiffingeri (Anura: Rhacophoridae). In Review.

Hinkson KM, Poo S. Comparative sperm morphology and quality within the Anuran subgenus Nenirana. In Review.

Kam Y-C, Fuh N-T, Chuang M-F, Poo S. Sex-specific oviposition site selection and hatching success in an arboreal treefrog: implications of a paternal nest-site selection. In Review.

24. Poo S, Candia AK, Cohen KL, Erickson FT, Mason SA, Nissen BD, McNear AF, Reinig JJ, Sherrock JS, Aguiluz AR, Jacques LL, Jenkins HER, Devan-Song A. (2023) Hatching plasticity in a Southeast Asian treefrog mitigates submergence-induced mortality. Biotropica.  PDF URL


23. Hartzheim AM, Terry JL, Field EK, Hatdy NT, Poo S, Neuman-Lee LA. (2022) Immune and stress physiology of two captively-housed tortoise species. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological and Integrative Physiology, 339(2):220-233.  PDF URL

Memphis Zoo News

22. Poo S, Whitfield SM, Shepack A, Watkins-Colwell GJ, Nelson G, Goodwin J, Bogisich A, Brennan PLR, D’Agostino J, Koo MS, Mendelson JR, Snyder R, Wilson S, Aronsen GP, Bentley AC, Balckburn DC, Borths MR, Campbell ML, Conde DA, Cook JA, Daza JD, Dembiec DP, Dunnum JL, Early CM, Ferguson A, Greene A, Guralnick R, Janney C, Johnson D, Knightly F, Poulin S, Rocha L, Soltis PS, Thiers B, Chakrabarty P. (2022) Bridging the research gap between live collections in zoos and preserved collections in natural history museums. BioScience, 72(5): 449-460.  PDF URL

Washington Post Science Daily Yale News | PhysOrg | UNM News | OKC Visitor

† This study is featured as the journal cover.   

21. Poo S, Bogisich A, Mack M, Lynn BK, Devan-Song A. (2022) Post-release comparisons of amphibian growth reveal challenges with sperm cryopreservation as a conservation tool. Conservation Science and Practice, e572.  PDF URL

ABC News 24 Memphis Flyer World Association of Zoos and Aquarium Newsletter  

20. Reichling SB, Cantrell J, Roznik EA, Bogisich A, Poo S. (2022) First natural breeding of the endangered dusky gopher frog (Lithobates sevosus) in captivity. Zoo Biology, 41, 354– 359.  PDF URL

19. Santymire RM, Sacerdote-Velat AB, Gygli A, Keinath DA, Poo S, Hinkson KM, McKeag EM. (2021) Using dermal glucocorticoids to determine the effects of disease and environment on the critically endangered Wyoming toad. Conservation Physiology, 9:coab093.  PDF URL  

18. Watt AM*, Marcec-Greaves R, Hinkson KM, Poo S, Roberts B, Pitcher TE. (2021) Effects of age on sperm quality metrics in endangered Mississippi gopher frogs (Lithobates sevosus) from captive populations used for controlled propagation and reintroduction efforts. Zoo Biology, 40:218-226.  PDF URL  

17. Hinkson KM, Poo S. (2020) Inbreeding depression in sperm quality in a critically endangered amphibian. Zoo Biology, 39:197-207.  PDF URL  

16. Poo S, Hinkson KM. (2020) Amphibian conservation using assisted reproductive technologies: Cryopreserved sperm affects offspring morphology, but not behavior, in a toad. Global Ecology and Conservation, 21:e00809.  PDF | URL

The Wildlife Society

15. Poo S, Hinkson KM. (2019) Applying cryopreservation to anuran conservation biology. Conservation Science and Practice, e91.   PDF | URL

14. Hinkson KM, Baecher JA, Poo S. (2019) Cryopreservation and hormomal induction of spermic urine in a novel species: the smooth-sided toad (Rhaebo guttatus). Cryobiology, 89:109-111.  PDF | URL

Daily Memphian | Memphis Commercial Appeal | USA Today

13. Poo S, Hinkson KM, Stege E. (2018) Effects of hibernation on sperm production and body condition in an endangered temperate amphibian. Reproduction, Fertility and Developmenty, 31:796-804.  PDFURL

12. Poo S, Low M-R. (2018) Multiple male amplexus in Feihyla hansenae (Family: Rhacophoridae). Herpetological Review, 49(3): 516-517.  PDF 

† This study is featured as the cover story.   

11. Karraker NE, Fischer S, Aowphol A, Sheridan J, Poo S. (2018) Signals of forest degradation in the demography of common Asian amphibians. PeerJ, e4220.  PDF | URL

10. Chuang M-F, Kee W-H, Sun J-S, You C-H, Kam Y-C, Poo S. (2018) Effects of predation risk and oviposition site value on male nest guarding behavior and offspring survival in an arboreal-breeding treefrog. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 71:122.  PDF | URL

9. Poo S, Erickson FT, Mason SA, Nissen BD. (2017) Predation of Feihyla hansenae (Hansen’s bush frog) eggs by a nursery web spider. The Herpetological Bulletin, 139: 36-37.  PDF

8. Poo S, Low M-R, Devan-Song A. (2016) Xenochrophis flavipunctatus (Yellow-spotted keelback water snake): Diet. Herpetological Review, 47(2):319.  PDF

7. Poo S, Evans TA, Tan MK, Bickford DP. (2016) Dynamic switching in predator attack and maternal defense of prey. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 118: 901-910.  PDF | URL

6. Poo S, Ragsdale AB, Jenkins HER, Jacques LL, Tan E, Karraker NE. (2016) Rhacophorus kio: Oviposition and nest construction. Herpetological Review, 47(1):119-120.  PDF

5. Priyadarshana TS, Wijewardhane IH, Poo S. (2015) Pseudophilautus popularis (Common shrub frog): Male territorial combat and vocal interaction in Sri Lanka. The Herpetological Bulletin, 134:29-30.  PDF

4. Poo S, Bickford DP. (2014) Hatching plasticity in a Southeast Asian Treefrog. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 68:1733-1740.  PDF | URL 

Springer Select | Science Daily | Science World Report | Natural World News | PhysOrg | Design & Trend

3. Poo S, Bickford DP. (2013) The adaptive significance of egg attendance in a Southeast Asian treefrog. Ethology, 119(8):671-679.  PDF | URL 

Science Daily Nature World News Science Newsline Asian Scientist Science Codex PhysOrg Red Orbit NUS News NUS Knowledge Enterprise Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 

2. Bickford D, Poo S, Posa MRC. (2012) Southeast Asian biodiversity crisis. In Gower D, Johnson K, Richardson J, Rosen B, Rüber L, Williams S (eds) Biotic evolution and environmental change in Southeast Asia. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K.  PDF |URL

1. Caldwell-Harris CL, Tong J, Lung W, Poo S. (2011) Physiological reactivity to emotional phrases in Mandarin—English bilinguals. International Journal of Bilingualism, 15(3):329-352.  PDF | URL

Popular Science Magazines & Articles

Poo S, et al. (2023) Can Freezing Frog Sperm Help with Conservation Efforts? Current Conservation. Article

Poo S. (2022) ASIH Scientist Spotlight. Ichthyology and Herpetology, 110(4):778-779. PDF

Poo S. (2022) A Conservation Puzzle: How Research Can Be Used to Protect Endangered Species. ExZOOberence, 2022(5):8-9.

Poo S. (2020) The Magical World of Amphibians. Overton Park Conservancy #NatureZen, 2020. Article

Poo S. (2018) Conservation Feature Story: Tis the Season for Hibernation. ExZOOberence, 2018(5):15. PDF

Poo S, Bickford DP. (2014) Exceptional parents – A frog that defies the rule. Natural History 2014(5): 12-15  PDF

† This study is featured as the cover story.   

Invited Talks


  • University of Memphis - Center for Biodiversity Research Seminar  



  • Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) - Biology Lecture 

  • Kasetsart University (Thailand) - Animal Ecology Lecture 

  • University of Nottingham Malaysia (Malaysia) - EGS Environmental Research Seminar Series 

  • Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections - Collections & Conservation in Professional Societies Symposium 

  • Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles - Pre-College Scholars Program 

  • Oklahoma State University - Biology Department Seminar 


  • UC Berkeley – Beyond Academia

  • Washington State University – College of Veterinary Medicine, Aquatics & Wildlife Diseases Association

  • Zoo Registrar Association – Annual Conference

  • Swarthmore College – Conservation Biology Class

  • University of Tennessee – College of Veterinary Medicine Students Association

  • Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Symposium

  • Rhodes College – Global Change Biology Class

  • Rhodes College – University Seminar Series

  • Fundación Herpetológica Gustavo Orcés (Ecuador) – Global Women in Herpetology


  • The Amphibian Foundation – Master in Herpetology Class 



  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador) – University Seminar

  • Arkansas State University – Biology Department Seminar


  • Jambatu Center for Amphibian Research and Conservation (Ecuador)

  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador) – Tropical Ecology Program



  • Ordos Longsheng Safari Park (China) – Conservation Research in Zoos


  • Keynote: Shanghai International Conservation Festival (China) 

       China News Shanghai Xinhua News Soho News

  • Shanghai Zoo (China) – 融合研究與保護   [Talk given in Mandarin Chinese]


Species Name Honoraria

Caiusa pooae 

Striatosedulia pooae

2. Striatosedulia pooae (Family: Acrididae)

     Species described by  Tan M.K. (2017). Far Eastern Entomologist, 333:1-9.   PDF

1. Caiusa pooae (Family: Calliphoridae)  

     Species described by Rognes K. (2015). Zootaza, 3952 (1): 001-080.   PDF | URL  

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