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Scientific Publications

Watt AM, Marcec-Greaves R, Hinkson KM, Poo S, Roberts B, & Pitcher TE. (2021) Effects of age on sperm quality metrics in endangered Mississippi gopher frogs (Lithobates sevosus) from captive populations used for controlled propagation and reintroduction efforts. Zoo Biology, In Press. PDF URL  


Hinkson KM*, Poo S (2020) Inbreeding depression in sperm quality in a critically endangered amphibian. Zoo Biology 39: 197-207  PDF URL  

Poo S*, Hinkson KM (2020) Amphibian conservation using assisted reproductive technologies: Cryopreserved sperm affects offspring morphology, but not behavior, in a toad. Global Ecology and Conservation 21: e00809  PDF | URL

The Wildlife Society

Poo S*, Hinkson, KM (2019) Applying cryopreservation to anuran conservation biology. Conservation Science and Practice e91  PDF | URL

Hinkson KM*, Baecher JA, Poo S (2019) Cryopreservation and hormomal induction of spermic urine in a novel species: the smooth-sided toad (Rhaebo guttatus). Cryobiology 89:109-111  PDF | URL

Daily Memphian | Memphis Commercial Appeal | USA Today

Poo S*, Hinkson KM, Stege E (2018) Effects of hibernation on sperm production and body condition in an endangered temperate amphibian. Reproduction, Fertility and Developmenty 31:796-804  PDFURL

Poo S,* Low M-R (2018) Multiple male amplexus in Feihyla hansenae (Family: Rhacophoridae).   Herpetological Review 49(3): 516-517  PDF 

† This study is featured as the cover story.   

Karraker NE*, Fischer S, Aowphol A, Sheridan J, Poo S (2018) Signals of forest degradation in the demography of common Asian amphibians. PeerJ e4220  PDF | URL

Chuang M-F, Kee W-H, Sun J-S, You C-H, Kam Y-C, Poo S* (2018) Effects of predation risk and oviposition site value on male nest guarding behavior and offspring survival in an arboreal-breeding treefrog. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 71:122  PDF | URL

Poo S*, Erickson FT, Mason SA, Nissen BD (2017) Predation of Feihyla hansenae (Hansen’s bush frog) eggs by a nursery web spider. The Herpetological Bulletin 139: 36-37  PDF

Poo S*, Low M-R, Devan-Song A (2016) Xenochrophis flavipunctatus (Yellow-spotted keelback water snake): Diet. Herpetological Review 47(2): 319  PDF

Poo S*, Evans TA, Tan MK, Bickford DP (2016) Dynamic switching in predator attack and maternal defense of prey. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 118:  901-910  PDF | URL

Poo S*, Ragsdale AB, Jenkins HER, Jacques LL, Tan E, Karraker NE (2016) Rhacophorus kio: Oviposition and nest construction. Herpetological Review 47(1): 119-120  PDF

Priyadarshana TS*, Wijewardhane IH, Poo S (2015) Pseudophilautus popularis (Common shrub frog): Male territorial combat and vocal interaction in Sri Lanka. The Herpetological Bulletin 134: 29-30   PDF

Poo S, Bickford DP* (2014) Hatching plasticity in a Southeast Asian Treefrog. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 68: 1733-1740  PDF | URL 

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Poo S, Bickford DP* (2013) The adaptive significance of egg attendance in a Southeast Asian treefrog. Ethology 119(8): 671-679  PDF | URL 

Science Daily Nature World News Science Newsline Asian Scientist Science Codex PhysOrg Red Orbit NUS News NUS Knowledge Enterprise Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 

Bickford D*, Poo S, Posa MRC (2012) Southeast Asian biodiversity crisis. In Gower D, Johnson K, Richardson J, Rosen B, Rüber L, Williams S (eds) Biotic evolution and environmental change in Southeast Asia. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K.  PDF |URL

Caldwell-Harris CL*, Tong J, Lung W, Poo S (2011) Physiological reactivity to emotional phrases in Mandarin—English bilinguals. International Journal of Bilingualism 15(3): 329-352  PDF | URL

* Corresponding author

Cover, May 2014

Popular Science Magazines & Articles

Poo S (2020). The Magical World of Amphibians. Overton Park Conservancy #NatureZen, 2020. Article

Poo S (2018). Conservation Feature Story: Tis the Season for Hibernation. ExZOOberence, 2018(5):15. PDF

Poo S, Bickford DP (2014) Exceptional parents – A frog that defies the rule. Natural History 2014(5): 12-15  PDF

† This study is featured as the cover story.   

Invited Talks

Poo S (2020) Amphibian ecology and conservation: From basic science to applied conservation. Arkansas State University, AR, USA.

Poo S (2019) Amphibian Conservation: Captive-breeding and sperm cryopreservation. Jambatu Center for Amphibian Research and Conservation, Quito, ECUADOR.

Poo S (2019) Amphibian Research: From natural field observations to ex situ conservation. University of San Francisco, Quito, ECUADOR. 

Poo S (2018) Conservation Research in Zoos. Ordos Longsheng Safari Park, Inner Mongolia, CHINA.

Poo S (2017) Keynote: Integrating Research and Conservation: A Lesson from Amphibians. Shanghai International Conservation Festival, Shanghai, CHINA. 

China News Shanghai Xinhua News Soho News

Poo S (2017) 融合研究與保護: 兩棲類的啟示. Shanghai Zoo, Shanghai, CHINA. (Talk given in Mandarin)

Poo S (2015) Video Interview: Amphibian Reproduction. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (previously Raffles Museum and National Museum of Singapore), Singapore. 

Caiusa pooae 

Additional Contributions

Discovered a new species of Calliphorid fly in Thailand (Caiusa pooae) that preys upon treefrog eggs. This species was described by Prof. Kunt Rognes in 2015, who named the fly after me. Zootaza, 3952 (1): 001-080.   PDF | URL  

A grasshopper in Thailand (Striatosedulia pooae) was named after me by a student I mentored at the Sakaerat Environmental Research Station. This species was described by Tan et al in 2017. Far Eastern Entomologist, 333:1-9.   PDF

Striatosedulia pooae