Here are some of the wonderful people/organizaions I collaborate with, students I've mentored, field assistants I've worked with, and people that have contributed to research projects in past years.

Students & Interns

2016 - Present

Arkansas State University - Graduate Students

Alyssa Hartzheim

Rhodes College - Undergraduate Research Students 

Maryella Cohn

Amanda Cheang Cui Shan

Karen Candia

Jillian Healy

Julianna Szuwalski

Xinzi (Maggie) Wang 

Erica Carcelén


High School Volunteers

Helen Gillespie

Memphis Zoo Summer Research Internship

(Learn more and apply for this internship)

Mariah Mack

Kameron Hall

- University of Memphis

Brittany Nunn

- Research and Conservation Technician, San Antonio Zoo  

Rachel Snyder

- M.S. student, John Carroll University

Sankar Ananthanarayanan

- Teaching Assistant, National University of Singapore   

Connor Leggett 

- Lab Manager, Memphis Meats  



Neuman-Lee Lab, Arkansas State University 

Bowers Lab, University of Memphis 

University of Norte Dame 

Zoo Miami

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Florida Museum of Natural History/University of Florida

Leadville National Fish Hatchery

The Amphibian Foundation


University of Windsor


Project Pterapus, Rimba


Kam Lab, Tunghai University


Sakaerat Environmental Research Station


Centro Jambatu de Investigación y Conservación

     de Anfibios

Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Field Assistants


Francesca Erickson

- M.S. student, Auborn University  

Sara Mason

- Policy Associate, Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Brad Nissen

- M.S. student, Tennessee State University

Mike Collins

Mary-Ruth Low

- Senior Conservation Scientist, Rimba 


Joe Sherrock

- Assistant Preserve Manager, Center for Natural Lands Management

Jonathan Reinig

- Natural Resource Specialist, Riverside County Parks 

Adair McNear

- MS student, North Carolina State University

(Watch Adair's awesome video of our field site in Thailand!)



Ashley Ragsdale 

Hanna Jenkins  

- Nature Reserve Warden at Thames Water

Tisha Jacques 

- Wildlife Biologist/Vet Assistant



Samantha Fischer

- Resource Management Officer, Parks Canada

Anne Devan-Song

- Ph.D. Candidate, Oregon State University

Rachel Cadwallader-Staub 

- Board Manager & Senior Associate,

   Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance

Charlene Yeong

- Conservation Veterinarian, Singapore Zoo

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