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Videos and Interviews

Lee Kong Chian

Natural History Museum Exhibit

Invited interview on amphibian reproduction and my dissertation work. Displayed as video introduction to the entire amphibian exhibit at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (previously Raffles Museum and National Museum of Singapore).


Parental Care in Old-World Frogs 

Film of my field research on amphibian parental care in Thailand. (This film was made by field biologist and wildlife filmmaker Adair McNear, who assisted me with research on amphibian behavior at the Sakaerat Environmental Research Station.)

Captive-breeding and Conservation Translocation

Overview of my work on the conservsation and reintroduction of the critically endangered dusky gopher frog (Memphis Zoo, Department of Conservation and Research). 

International Collaborations for Amphibian Conservation

This interview was made by wildlife filmmaker Diego Acosta documenting the collaboration between Memphis Zoo and Jambatu Center for Amphibian Conservsation in Quito, Ecuador. 

Magazine and Online Articles


Natural History Magazine (cover) 

Exceptional Parents: A Frog that Defies the Rules


The Magical World of Amphibians

See #NatureZen article for Overton Park Conservancy.

ExZOOberance Magazine 

'Tis the Season for Hibernation

See Memphis Zoo ExZOOberance article.

Herpetological Review (cover)

Multimale Amplexus in Frogs



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