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Students, Interns, RAs


Allison Bogisich

Research Associate 2020-Present

Allison Bogisich (B.A. Whitman College; M.S. University of San Francisco) is a Research Technician at the Memphis Zoo. She has broad interests in genetics and heredity and has conducted phylogenetic work on puddle frogs from Myanmar. Her research at the zoo primarily focuses on amphibian reproduction, captive-breeding, conservation translocations and post-release monitoring for dusky gopher frogs. Her overall research goal is to find differences between captive-bred and naturally breeding amphibian populations in order to better optimize conservation efforts that aim to protect species from going extinct in the wild.

Turtles (1).JPEG

Jenn Terry

Ph.D. Student 2021-Present

Jen Terry (B.A. Bucknell University; M.S. Arkansas State University, 2021) is a Ph.D. student at Arkansas State University and is co-advised by Dr. Neuman-Lee and Dr. Virginie Rolland. Jen's Master's thesis examined physiological tradeoffs in red-eared sliders and part of her Ph.D. project will be examining the turtle population at the Memphis Zoo.

See Jen's website for more information on her work.

Jamie Bolan.jpeg

Jamie Bolan

Research Intern 2023-Present

Jamie graduated from Macalester College in 2023 with a major in Biology and a minor in Music. She is particularly interested in studying frogs, and also has a background in genetics. Jamie eventually plans to return to graduate school to further her research in herpetology.

2023 Maddy Albritton.JPG

Madelyn Albritton

Research Intern 2023-Present

Madelyn graduated in 2023 from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Environmental Science and minors in Biology and Wildlife Habitat Management. Her particular interests are in studying the ecology and behavior of amphibians and reptiles. Madelyn plans on attending graduate school to pursue a masters degree.


Rylie Strasbaugh

Research Intern 2022

Rylie (B.S. The Pennsylvania State University, 2022) is a recent graduate of Penn State, with a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Science and a minor in Biology. Her primary interests are herpetology and ornithology. Rylie hopes to gain valuable research experience and then head to graduate school to pursue a masters and, eventually, a PhD! 

Tracey Bio Photo.jpeg

Tracey Malter

Research Intern 2022

Tracey is a recent graduate from Colorado State University (2021) with a major in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. She is particularly interested in captive breeding and release as a population management technique, and the long term effects it has on wild populations of endangered species.

2022-01-10 16.44.26-1.jpg

Karen Candia

Research Assistant 2019-2022

Karen Candia (B.S. Rhodes College, 2020) has assisted on various ex situ and in situ projects in Dr. Poo's lab, including predator-prey behavior of frogs, pre-mature hatching behavior of frog eggs, captive-breeding of amphibians, and field monitoring of captive-released/reintroduced populations. She is primarily interested in animal behavior.

2021 Research Interns_SPoo (1).jpg

Tyler Tobias

Research Intern 2021

Tyler is currently a senior at Central Michigan University working on a double major in Environmental studies and Philosophy. Ty is originally from the southern region and is an outstanding student with a particular interest in amphibian and reptiles.

2021 Research Interns_SPoo (2).jpg

Tyler Pina

Research Intern 2021

Tyler graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst (2022) with a major in Natural Resource Conservation. Tyler has a particular interest in aquatic systems and recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship, particularly in the light of inequalities between different communities.

2021-06-23 16.17.23.jpg

Erin Monroe

Research Intern (High School) 2021

Erin graduated from St. Mary's Episcopal School in 2022. Erin’s summer internship at the Zoo is part of her senior year Honors Independent Research Study (HIRS) project, which pairs Memphis students with local organizations for summer internships. Erin is heading to University of Georgia for college. 


Alyssa Hartzheim

Master's Student 2020-2022

Alyssa Hartzheim (B.S. North Carolina State University) is a Master's student in Dr. Lori Neuman-Lee's lab at Arkansas State University. Alyssa's thesis project examines the "Effect of Stress on the Innate Immune Response of Various Chelonian Species," part of which is conducted at the Memphis Zoo.  

See Alyssa's website for more informaton on her work.


Catherine Carney

Student Intern (Middle School) 2022

Cat is a senior at Grace-St. Luke Episcopal School and did her senior internship at with Dr. Poo learning about zoo conservation programs and getting hands-on experience measuring and taking data for the critically endangered dusky gopher frog. 

Past Lab Members

Kristin Hinkson

Research Technician


Mariah Mack

Summer Research Intern 2020

Maryella Cohn

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director

Anaxyrus baxteri (11) Laramie.jpg

Kristin Hinkson

Research Technician 2016-2019

Kristin Hinkson (B.S. University of Georgia; M.S. Eastern Kentucky University) was a Research Technician at the Memphis Zoo 2016-2019, during which she published a number of reserach papers on assisted reproductive technology, captive-breeding, and conservation genetics (see publications). Kristin is currently a Senior Biological Scientist at BCS Laboratories in Gainsville, FL.

Mariah Mack.jpg

Mariah Mack

Research Intern 2020

Mariah Mack (B.S. Pennsylvania State University, Behrend Campus) is currently a Master's student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

2020-06-27 15.44.54.jpg

Maryella Cohn

Undergraduate Student Volunteer 2018-2021

Maryella Cohn (B.S. Rhodes College) has worked on a wide range of project with Dr. Poo at the Amphibian Lab over the course of 3 years during her undergraduate studies. She is currently a Veterinary Medicine student at Louisiana State University.

2020-07-07 10.19.11.jpg

Kameron Hall

Research Intern 2020

Kameron Hall (B.S. University of Memphis) was a Doris Duke Conservation Scholar and conducted his Doris Duke Internship at the Memphis Zoo. Kameron went on to do Reseach Intern at the Federal Geographic Data Committee and is about to start a new position at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. 


Rachel Snyder

Research Intern 2018

Rachel Snyder (B.S. Susquehanna University) is currently a Master's student in the Conservation Biology Lab at John Carroll University. 


Brittany Nunn

Research Intern 2018

Brittany Nunn (B.S. Stephen F. Austin State University) is currently a Conservation Technician at San Antonio Zoo.

P7240151 - Copy.JPG

Sankar Ananthanarayanan

Research Intern 2017

Sankar Ananthanarayanan (B.S. National University of Singapore) is currently a full-time Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore. Sankar is the co-founder and President of the Herpetological Society of Singapore. 

For more information, see a great TED talk by Sankar on amphibians and reptiles!

2017-04-18 23.00.22.jpg

Connor Leggett

Research Intern 2017

Connor Leggett (B.S. U.C. Santa Barbara) is currently the Lab Operations Lead at UPSIDE Foods. 

Frog circle (3) - Copy.jpg

Student Volunteers 


Amanda Cheang Cui Shan (Rhodes College)
Julianna Szuwalski (Rhodes College) 
Jillian Healy (Rhodes College)
Xinzi (Maggie) Wang (Rhodes College)
Erica Carcelén (Rhodes College) 

Helen Gillespie (Hutchison High School)

Collaborating Institutions


Biodiversity Collections Network (BCoN)

Arkansas State University

Rhodes College

Zoo Miami

Yale Peabody Museum

Zoo Atlanta

Duke Lemur Center 

Oklahoma City Zoo

Science Museum of Minnesota

Brookfield Zoo

The Amphibian Foundation

The Nature Conservancy

Leadville National Fish Hatchery


University of Windsor


Project Pterapus, Rimba


Tunghai University


Sakaerat Environmental Research Station


Centro Jambatu de Investigación y Conservación de Anfibios

Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Field Assistants in Thailand 2010-2013


Francesca Erickson

- M.S. student, Auborn University  

Sara Mason

- Policy Associate, Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Brad Nissen

- Fish & Wildlife Biologist at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 

Mike Collins

Mary-Ruth Low

- Senior Conservation Scientist, Rimba 


Joe Sherrock

- Assistant Preserve Manager, Center for Natural Lands Management

Jonathan Reinig

- Natural Resource Specialist, Riverside County Parks 

Adair McNear

- MS student, North Carolina State University

(Watch Adair's awesome video of our field site in Thailand!)



Ashley Ragsdale 

Hanna Jenkins  

- Nature Reserve Warden at Thames Water

Tisha Jacques 

- Wildlife Biologist/Vet Assistant

2010 (Bickford Lab Field Crew)


Samantha Fischer

- Resource Management Officer, Parks Canada

Anne Devan-Song

- Ph.D. Oregon State University

Rachel Cadwallader-Staub 

- Board Manager & Senior Associate,

   Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance

Charlene Yeong

- Conservation Veterinarian, Singapore Zoo

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