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Current Research

Here are some of the research projects I have been working on for the past few years. 
Anti-predator behavior

Examine the extreme anti-predator behavior exhibited by adult frogs during egg attendance, often against organisms that are a source of danger to both adults and their embryos. 

Systematic observation and quantification of the unusual egg attendance behavior of Chiromantis hansenae in natural settings, as well as experimental manipulations to confirm its adaptive significance.

Other projects

During my time at NUS, I have helped out on a number of other research projects and mentored honors and undergraduate students research in the our lab. Some examples of projects are:


  • Breeding habitat enrichement of amphibians

  • Chytrid fungus survey in the region

  • Impacts of climate change and acid rain on larval amphibians 

  • Embryonic development of amphibians


Examine embryonic development and hatching time in response of various hatching cues, such as predation, submergence, and desiccation. Consider ways in which cues are transmitted, received, and affecting the hatching behavior of embryos.  


Parental care
See video of embryo and adult behavior
See our research featured on the cover of Natural History (magazine)  
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